AKC Humane Fund Success Story: Kendall County Women’s Shelter

The Kendall County Women’s Shelter in Boerne, TX, received an AKC Humane Fund Grant to finish equipping an on-site pet facility that includes raised dog beds, stackable dog food storage containers, collars and leashes, non-skid bathtub steps, litter boxes, scratching posts, toys and grooming supplies. The KCWS is one of the few domestic violence shelters in the state of Texas to offer an on-site pet facility for residents. This equipment guarantees that shelter for residents’ pets is safe, operational and current. Many victims of domestic violence will not seek shelter if it means leaving beloved pets behind. Abusers often threaten or carry out threats to hurt or kill the family pet as a means of power and control over the victims. Being able to love and nurture one’s pet in a safe secure environment is critical to healing the physical and emotional damage experienced by victims of abuse. For women and children who have lost so much due to domestic violence, keeping the family pet with them is integral to their well being and peace of mind.