AKC Humane Fund Success Story: LACASA

LACASA, a Shelter for Victims of Domestic Abuse in Howell, MI, used an AKC Humane Fund Grant for veterinary services, toys, bedding, kennel cleaning supplies and other items needed to make pets comfortable at LACASA’s Safe Pet Place as their owners are in transition. LACASA’s emergency shelter program has had a positive impact on survivors and their families - including pets - in providing an immediate response to the crisis as well as safety, shelter and support. The shelter provides a safe and comfortable place for victims and their children to stay while they explore options for continued safety. 

In 2012, LACASA provided 1,114 nights of shelter for residents’ family pets; 12 dogs, 11 cats, 4 birds, and two gerbils; this was an increase of 780 nights of safe pet shelter. The AKC Humane Fund grant allowed LACASA to meet the increased need. Domestic abuse victims should be able to seek shelter in times of crisis, free from worry about their faithful companions. Caring for pets requires financial resources that victims are not always able to provide.

Support from the AKC Humane Fund allowed LACASA to continue to provide the food, equipment, toys and medical care needed for its Safe Pet Place, keeping abuse victims and their pets safe and together as they make major life changes.